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Plastics are essential for countless industries – over 91 million pounds of resin were sold in 2020, according to ACC data, and is expected to grow in line with overall chemical production through 2022. Whether they’re bound for use in seat belts, cell phones or anything else, shipping plastic pellets with our well-maintained large covered hoppers keeps plastic pellets dry and protected during transit. With a range of different capacities and linings available, MRC can provide flexible leasing options for large covered hoppers specialized for your plastic pellets shipping.

Available models

Large Covered Hopper
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Our large covered hoppers are all-steel and designed for plastic resin pellets, with over 6,200 cubic feet to allow for maximum payloads. Products are loaded through 10 hatches at the top of the railcar and unloaded through bottom outlets.

Length: 68 feet, 3 1/2 inches
Inside Length: 62 feet, 11 inches
Cubic Capacity: 5,800 – 6,270 cubic feet
Height: 15 feet, 5 11/16 inches
Gross Rail Load: 286,000 pounds
Load Limit: 220,000 pounds
Typical Commodities
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