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Cement helps build our tallest buildings, strongest bridges and other critical infrastructure. But before it can be made into anything, it needs to be shipped safely. With 30-inch diameter roof hatches for easy loading and two gravity discharge outlets, our well-maintained, all-steel small covered hoppers ensure that bulk loads of dry cement are sheltered and secure throughout their journey.

Available models

Small Covered Hopper
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Our small covered hoppers are designed for dry bulk loads that require protection from the weather – including cement, sand, roofing granules, petroleum coke and other materials. The all-steel hoppers are equipped with three 30-inch diameter roof hatches for loading and two gravity discharge outlets.

Length: 41 feet, 10 inches
Inside Length: 37 feet, 2 inches
Cubic Capacity: 2,900-3,200 cubic feet
Height: 15 feet, 4 inches
Gross Rail Load: 263,000-286,000 pounds
Load Limit: 233,000 pounds
Typical Commodities
» Cement
» Petroleum Coke
» Roofing Granules
» Sand