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Found in over 98% of all gasoline in the U.S., ethanol is a vital component to burning fuel cleanly. With demand for eco-friendly fuels on the rise, ethanol is more important than ever. The pending extension of the Renewable Fuel standard is expected to maintain a mandate requiring 15 billion gallons of ethanol to be blended into gasoline in the U.S. each year. Continued pressure to improve greenhouse gas emissions could result in future production and blending mandates beyond the current 10% 15 billion gallon RFA mandate. In addition to its use in fuels, ethanol is used as a solvent, component for the synthesis of organic chemicals and more. If you’re looking to ship ethanol, our well-maintained fleet of DOT-117 tank cars feature thick exterior jackets, thermal protection and detachable outlet valve handles for safe and efficient delivery.

Available models

30k General Purpose Tank (Thermally Protected, Non-Coiled, Non-Insulated)
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These tank cars are typically used in flammable services for crude oil, ethanol and methanol – as well as many other flammable liquids. All cars have the latest design with exterior jackets, thermal protection and detachable outlet valve handles to meet all regulatory requirements for flammable service.

Length: 59 feet, 4 inches
Cubic Capacity: 30,500 gallons
Gross Rail Load: 286,000 pounds
Load Limit: 194,900 pounds
Tank Description: DOT117J100W
Typical Commodities
» Chemicals
» Crude Oil
» Diesel
» Ethanol
» Flammables
» Gasoline
» Jet Fuel
» Methanol