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As a cost-effective method for transporting bulk grain, shipping by rail offers reliability when grain demand increases. Whether your grain ends up feeding livestock, producing food and beverage, or countless other uses, our newly built, 3-pocket covered hoppers maximize your payload. With optimized top hatches and gravity gates, our grain covered hoppers allow for efficient loading and unloading while protecting your grain from harsh weather conditions.

Available models

Newly Built: Gravity Large Covered Hopper (5808 cfc)
Availability: Contact us for detailed specification on available cars. Contact Us

Our gravity large covered hoppers are all-steel and designed for soybean meal, grain and grain meal, with over 5,808 cubic feet to allow for maximum payloads. Products are loaded through 47′ 8″ x 24″ hatches at the top of the railcar and unloaded through bottom outlets, with 42″ x 42″ gates.

Length: 60 feet
Cubic Capacity: 5,808 cubic feet
Gross Rail Load: 286,000 pounds
Load Limit: 224,100 (est.)
Typical Commodities
» Grain
» Grain Meal
» Soybean Meal