September 29, 2022 9:16 pm

How Do You Turn Idle Railcars into Useable Capital?

Oftentimes, organizations are saddled with railcars they don’t need – which means they become an unnecessary hit on their balance sheets.

However, selling unneeded railcars can be a quick way to rid your company of assets that may not be a core part of your business. There are also ways – such as with a sale & leaseback – to unburden your railcars but still have regular use of the cars through a lessor.

There are some major benefits to offloading railcars you no longer need to own:

  • Removing assets from your balance sheet
  • Accumulating capital back into your business while maintaining control and use of your assets
  • Turning a surplus of assets into useable cash flow
  • Minimizing maintenance risks associated with railcar ownership

MRC is interested in purchasing railcars to grow our portfolio and we would love to work with you. We can evaluate your fleet and make a competitive fair-market offer for your railcars. Plus, we can close quickly and we have capital currently dedicated for asset purchases.

MRC Acts Fast During Deals

As a real-world example, a company reached out to us late last year because they were interested in a sale & leaseback to help free up some capital. They needed to act fast to meet internal deadlines, so MRC quickly jumped into action.

We evaluated their fleet and made a fair offer for the railcars, which included them leasing the cars they needed from us. MRC managed the necessary reviews and logistics to have the cars delivered to our lessee and communicated with them throughout the process.

How quickly did we act? The whole process – from initial contact to transaction – was completed within 90 days.

The speed in which we closed the deal was important because it allowed them to free up that much-needed capital, but with no disruption to their business.

What Questions Do You Have About the Process?

There is tremendous value in turning unnecessary railcars into capital by working with a reputable railcar lessor. Whether you have small or large fleets, MRC has dedicated resources to expand our portfolio and we’d love to explore the win-win partnership you get by offloading cars.

If you have any questions about the sale & leaseback process or if you’d like us to evaluate your owned railcars, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a lot of experience in this field, so we’d love to work with you and see if we can find a deal.