We provide high quality railcars and complimentary services with flexible, innovative leasing alternatives that create value for our customers, shareholders and team members.

We will grow with industries through a diverse railcar fleet and financial ingenuity built on a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ businesses, our relentless execution with unparalleled service, and sound long-term decisions.

Our industry-leading work environment helps drive high-performing teams that reflect directly in exceeding expectations of our satisfied customers and stakeholders. We are known for our accuracy, integrity, transparency and tenacity, with respect for everyone. We strive for excellence in all we do, especially in business relationships, competitiveness and profitability.

Our Philosophy

Managing railroad rolling stock is a complex business and acquiring rail car assets requires substantial capital investment. Day to day rail car management requires extensive administrative, maintenance, regulatory and procedural expertise. At Mitsui Rail Capital, we handle a complex array of asset management and maintenance processes, using our team members’ knowledge, skills and broad experience to deliver your needs based solutions.

With a solid understanding of your supply chain challenges, Mitsui Rail Capital can deliver the right products and services to provide optimized railcars and services for your commodities that ship by rail.

Industry Knowledge

Applying supply chain best-practices within your market.

Financial Expertise

Developing solutions to meet your financial goals.

Maintenance / Logistics Services

Simplifying the asset management process.

Product Knowledge

Railcar and component selection.

The Environmental Choice

As environmental standards and fuel costs have increased, rail transportation has become a more important part of today’s supply chain. If you are concerned with solutions that are efficient and environmentally responsible, rail transportation is now the obvious choice.

A gallon of diesel fuel moves one ton of freight an average of 406 miles by Rail, which is three times more fuel-efficient than trucks. Efficient use of fuel means less cost, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

Moving more freight by rail also reduces traffic congestion, improving air quality and automobile fuel efficiency. A single intermodal train can take 280 trucks (equal to 1,100 cars) off congested highways, and trains carrying other types of freight can take up to 500 trucks off the highway. It is estimated that switching 85 percent of long-haul trucking to rail could reduce U.S. oil consumption by almost 12 percent and total U.S. emissions by about 4 percent.