Shipping solutions require more than railcars and Mitsui Rail Capital’s integrated approach includes a variety of lease options that enable financial and operational flexibility. MRC’s leasing strategy is based on developing high-value-added operating lease services that incorporate unique capabilities and business experience in financial management, logistics management and information management.

Seasoned experts provide counsel on the complex operational and management aspects of shipping by rail, recommending solutions that lead to competitive pricing and financial stability – no matter the size or structure of operations. Because purchasing railcars comes with higher costs in the form of capital requirements, maintenance and regulatory issues, shippers looking to invest in their businesses and not in railcars, immediately realize the value of a partner with leasing expertise and financial resources as they gain flexibility and bottom-line benefits.

Lease Types

Determining the right lease type varies depending on individual circumstances. Working closely with management, MRC will determine and implement a financing structure suited to individual needs. Flexible financial options include: full service, net and per diem leases; 1 to 5 year lease terms, or as needed; new or used equipment options, and; sale/leaseback programs.


Full Service Operating Lease

MRC is responsible for and performs all necessary normal maintenance related to normal usage. MRC also retains responsibility for all property taxes and insurance.


Per Diem

Utilization lease whereby rent payments are determined based on the time and mileage a railcar is used in a given month.


Net Operating Lease

The lessee is responsible for all costs associated with the operation of the railcar, including maintenance, property taxes and insurance.


Sale Leaseback

MRC buys the railcars from a customer and then leases them back to the company, increasing cash flow and capital for other investments within the company.

Fleet Management

Managing the daily operations of railcars requires dedicated experts with up-to-date metrics and highly specialized logistics knowledge. MRC has developed comprehensive support services that utilize real-time tracking technology to provide comprehensive unit train tracking which improves efficiency and scheduling. The data is dynamically consolidated to provide ease of use for customers. MRC also provides extensive support for railcar maintenance, including online records and reports that help reduce overall operating costs and increase utilization.

Launched in 1996 to maximize railcar performance, OnTrax is MRC’s proprietary Web-based logistics and maintenance support tool. Users have secure on-line access to current and historical analysis and reporting.

Asset Management

MRC’s transportation managers take complete responsibility for the coordinated movement of railcar shipments. Using established practices to expedite loaded and empty railcar movements, MRC works with customers to review available capacity; project delivery requirements; and to develop schedules that optimize the fleet. These comprehensive logistics services ensure that trains are expertly navigated through the complexities, regulatory challenges and bottlenecks of the nation’s nearly 170,000 miles of railroad track.


At Mitsui Rail Capital, we know that preventive maintenance on railcars yields the best results over the long haul by reducing costly, unscheduled repair work. Our maintenance management experts can customize services that best suit your needs.

Reduced Equipment Downtime
Coordinating railcar repairs with scheduled plant maintenance improves equipment availability and reduces railcar needs and costs.
Preventive Maintenance
Allows maintenance to be performed in lower-cost private contract shops reducing more costly unscheduled repair work.
Maintenance Expense Forecasting
Provides a tool to accurately forecast future expenses based on varying mileage and loading levels.
Warranty Monitoring
Tracks railcar component performance to detect premature wear or failure.